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    +34 932 680 385

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    c. Jonqueres, 8

    08003 Barcelona

  • Ceitai

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Centre at the heart of Barcelona specialised in tai chi, chi kung (qi gong) and kung fu in its many varieties. Ceitai also offers training courses for martial arts teachers, as well as meditation workshops.

Tai chi lovers, scholars and people deeply interested in oriental martial arts will find in Barcelona one of the most important centres in Spain: Ceitai is one of the few schools completely devoted to the study and practice of tai chi and chi kung (qi gong) in the country. Those who are interested will have the chance to practice the many varieties of tai chi, a millennial technique that goes beyong the pursue of physical strength to reach inner balance and spirituality.

In addition to tai chi courses, Ceitai also organizes chi kung (qi gong) lessons. This technique makes your tendons work out to enable a better circulation of energy through your body. Actually, the name of this ancient martial art says it all: in Chinese, qi means “energy” while gong means “work”.

Ceitai is a centre associated to the renown Taiji Quan Research Institute, one of the highest authorities of tai chi in the world. As an associated centre, Ceitai organises teacher training courses of tai chi and chi kung.