Farmàcia Serra Mandri

La Serra Mandri és una de les farmàcies de referència de la ciutat i té una de les ofertes de criteri naturista més completes d’Espanya. Si no ho trobes aquí, és bastant probable que no ho trobis enlloc.

Farmàcia Serra Mandri

La Serra Mandri és una de les farmàcies de referència de la ciutat i té una de les ofertes de criteri naturista més completes d’Espanya. Si no ho trobes aquí, és bastant probable que no ho trobis enlloc.

Serra Mandri is without a doubt one of Barcelona’s most highly regarded pharmacies for natural medicine. It boasts the largest variety of natural remedies in the whole country, so if they don’t stock what you are looking for here its unlikely you will find it anywhere.

However, with an ever-increasing number of pharmacies offering natural medicine it’s difficult to know who the experts are, and who are simply jumping on the bandwagon. So if you want to be sure you know that you haven’t just stepped into the latter, there are a few warning signs to look out for; firstly, the staff don’t appear to be well informed about what they stock, let alone the required dosages or related guidance notes that should always accompany natural medicines. Secondly, the advisor seems to be second-guessing you for requesting a natural remedy instead of a more conventional drug. Thirdly, their stock is limited and even basic natural remedies need to be specially ordered in. Lastly, and importantly, if they opt to prescribe a conventional drug over a natural alternative when given the choice, then perhaps this is not the place for you.

Fortunately, there are some places in Barcelona that like to do things properly and Serra Mandri is definitely one of them. The minute you enter you see both conventional drugs and natural medicines living in perfect harmony. The pharmacy is comprised of a front counter dedicated to allopathic treatments, and the back counter that deals with natural pharmacology. The pharmacy also has a competent, well-trained team of more than twenty staff who are on hand to attend to your every need and answer any questions that may arise.

Here you will notice that no form of remedy is favoured over another. The priority is the patient and therefore they follow the most appropriate form of treatment based on exactly ‘what the doctor orders’. Therefore Serra Mandri is neither a natural pharmacy that sells allopathic products, nor a conventional pharmacy that sells natural products. It’s altogether more holistic approach means that it adapts to each individual client and follows whatever treatment path is most suited to their needs.

It’s a place where everyone is made to feel at ease and this is all thanks to Joan M. Serra, the soul behind the Serra Mandri pharmacy. Pharmacist Joan Serra looks akin to a natural remedy savant with his slightly dishevelled white hair that suggests he’s devoted a lot of time to the world of naturopathy and therefore really knows his stuff. This of course is great news for all of those who put their faith in natural remedies because as a result Mandri is not only a good pharmacy, but also one of the best in the city. Serra himself explained “from the standpoint of pharmacist, it seemed to me that we had to provide the same service when dispensing natural remedies, that being, in a scientific and professional manner. This has always been my idea and I don’t think it’s going to change”.

In addition to standard drugs and natural medicine the pharmacy also offers; homeopathy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, oligotherapy, spagyric medicine, anthroposophy, Bach flower elixirs, all kinds of homeotherapies (organotherapy, lithotherapy, gemmotherapy, to name a few), nutritional supplementation (minerals, enzymes, vitamins, proteins, etc.) and organic cosmetics. So there is an abundance of avenues to choose from in Serra Mandri.


Pioneers in Spain


The pharmacy was originally founded in 1922 by Serra’s Grandfather. It was in 1939 that it made its move to the Avenida Diagonal, which back then was barely more than a big field with a scattering of buildings. It wasn’t until 1975 that Joan took over and began making changes to the pharmacy based on his experiences whilst visiting France. Serra often travelled there to visit his grandmother and was struck by how commonplace it was to find homeopathic medicine readily available in their chemists. This was coupled with the fact that he had already detected a growing demand for naturopathic remedies that wasn’t currently being catered for in the domestic market. It was then in 1980 that he made the bold but brilliant decision of devoting a whole counter to homeopathy. His brave move paid off and this counter now not only occupies half the shop floor, but has even become a must see for all those that are in the city and interested in natural medicine.

Seeing the success that homeopathy had, Serra then incorporated trace elements and major brands of supplements and plant based remedies such as Dolisos (now Boiron), Heel and Weleda into his product range. He also introduced other popular brands such as Labcatal, Nature’s Plus, Pranarom, Dr. Niepe’s Orotates, and brought organic cosmetics into the pharmacy with brands such as Dr.Hauschka, Cattier and Jason which were otherwise hard to find in the Spanish market.

Serra Mandri could therefore be considered a pioneer within the field of natural pharmaceuticals in Spain, but Juan’s modest nature makes him shy away from such titles. Instead he prefers to continue to develop his wealth of historical and medicinal knowledge by focusing on current trends, developments and any new brands and treatments. The Internet has also proven to be a useful tool for keeping Serra Mandri up to date as it even offers the option of purchasing all its non-prescription products in their online store.

Adam Martn
Adam Martín
Barcelona Healthy Editor