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Centre that specialises in natural therapies, dietetics, osteopathy and body treatments. Koré is also a training school for therapists, founded in 1987.

Koré is a centre specialised in “therapeutic asthetics”: for therapists at Koré, beauty is based on harmony and is reached through health. Therefore, Koré’s aesthetic treatments use natural methods and products to improve your skin and work on the muscles beneath it, striving for a balance between the inside and the outside. To achieve this they use personalised formulas for each client, because every person is different.


Koré’s natural therapies range from manual techniques like reflexology, massages and lymphatic drainage to more specific treatments like naturopathy, Bach Flower remedies, Schuessler salts and the HLBO test, which provides information on the general state of a person’s body through the microscopic analysis of a drop of blood.


Established in 1987, Koré was one of the first natural therapy centres in Barcelona and it has always stayed true to its philosophy: to find  the origin of the pain or problem and work with the appropriate therapies to recover the body’s inner balance. This centre also organises training courses and seminars for those who want to work as therapists using natural methods.