The biggest chain of organic supermarkets in Spain. You will find absolutely everything that you need: fresh vegetables and fruit, bread, cosmetics, milk, macrobiotic products, meat, fish, diapers… you name it. Organic, of course.

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    902 66 77 89

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    9.15 am to 9.15 pm (may vary from one shop to another)

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    c. Josep Balari, 15

    08022 Barcelona

  • Veritas

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The biggest chain of organic supermarkets in Spain. You will find absolutely everything that you need: fresh vegetables and fruit, bread, cosmetics, milk, macrobiotic products, meat, fish, diapers… you name it. Organic, of course.

Veritas is no doubt the largest and most important organic supermarket chain in Spain. You can find absolutely everything there, from fruits and vegetables, meat, fish and poultry, cereals, biscuits, coffee, soft drinks to wine, macrobiotics, supplements, products for the home, natural personal care products and baby products. In essence, it’s a supermarket where you can fill your trolley with all you need choosing from organic products. Veritas supermarkets even have their own bakery, which makes excellent pastries and cakes made without trans fats, using sugar alternatives and even vegan options. And we mustn’t forget their bread– it is exceptional. Made with top-notch quality ingredients, without any additives and using sourdough and long fermentations and with an amazing range to choose from, not only an array of flours –whole or white wheat, Kamut, spelt or barley and other cereals –but also different presentations– French bread, half a kilo or kilo round loaves; you can even buy bread by weight if you don’t want the whole loaf.

You can find organic vacuum packed meat in all their supermarkets, and they also have a butcher’s section in the stores on the streets of Mandri, Via Layetana, Mestre Nicolau, Còrcega in Barcelona and in Sant Cugat. You will also find wild, sustainable fish –like frozen wild salmon– and the Veritas on Mandri in Barcelona and Sant Cugat have a fresh fish section with excellent quality fish, like wild bass and gilt head bream or sustainable red tuna from L’Ametlla de Mar.

They also deliver your groceries home or you can shop online at

Prices and pedagogy 

The truth is that Veritas was a life-saver for lots of people who wanted to improve their eating habits but who had to go on a sort of a pilgrimage around Barcelona to find everything they were looking for. Before Veritas, buying organic products was like living up to your principles (i.e. very difficult) and required much effort. Of course there were a few other organic supermarkets in the city –not many– pioneer stores which continue to have a key role in Barcelona, but the birth of Veritas and their growth –only in Barcelona there are 18 stores, a part from the stores in Sabadell, Terrassa, Granollers or Castelldefels, just to mention a few –has moved the goalposts: Veritas has made organic products available to everyone.

Veritas has made this possible by adjusting and lowering their prices, especially after developing their own brand. Filling your trolley doesn’t require a herculean effort any more. Although costly, there is a huge difference with prices 10 years ago – believe me, I’ve been buying organic for the last 12 years. Veritas has standardized the organic food market, which was still in swaddling clothes in comparison to France, Italy or Germany, where between 2.5 and 4% of the population consume organic produce, whereas only 1% do so in Catalunya, the rest of Spain holding the petty figure of 0.6%.

Veritas wanted to follow Europe’s example and make the consumption of organic certified produce an everyday habit, supporting the environment, local produce, rich tasting foods, health, sustainable and responsible consumption and diversity. Again, these are not just empty words, as the company invests lots of money to create new organic certified products and also works to recover old varieties of vegetables which farmers had stopped growing, like the purple carrot or the amazing variety of tomatoes in the summer. Another example of sustainability is their Cuina Veritas project (Veritas Kitchen), where they use the vegetables and fruit which have not been sold –but which still have all their nutricional and organoleptic qualities– to prepare delicious soups, creams, dishes or desserts. An example of this could be a broken carrot.

The first store opened in 2002 and since then the company hasn’t stopped growing. A part from the 18 stores in Barcelona city, there are also stores in Terrassa, Sabadell, Sant Cugat, Granollers, Manresa, Mataró, Menorca, Sitges, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Castelldefels, Blanes and Andorra.

I imagine the road was not easy and I suspect their success today is based on Silvio Elias’s and his partners’ stubbornness, who were convinced about the business idea –that the market was mature enough and there were enough people interested in the idea to be able to make ends meet– and who firmly believed in the outstanding benefits of organic produce on our health and the environment. Funnily enough, it is largely because of Veritas that the amount of people interested in organic food has increased dramatically. Veritas has created its own client, offering top-notch products in an ordinary looking supermarket. Consuming organic doesn’t mean belonging to a specific urban tribe, there are devoted hippies, executives, students, tourists and people from all walks of life who are clients of Veritas. This may seem as normal today, but wasn’t so 10 years ago. The only thing all these people have in common is they all want healthier, tastier products which respect the environment and society. And they find them here.

Other establishments

Veritas Via Laietana

c. Via Laietana, 28
+34 932 688 200

Veritas Travessera

trav. de les Corts, 271
+34 934 947 593

Veritas Torrent de l’Olla

c. Torrent de l'Olla, 200
+34 934 160 169

Veritas Secretari Coloma

c. Secretari Coloma, 37-39
+3 932 199 064

Veritas Las Arenas

Las Arenas, pl. Espanya, s/n
+34 932 289 372

Veritas Passatge Senillosa

ptge. Senillosa Passatge Senillosa, 4
+34 932 058 020

Veritas Mestre Nicolau

c. Mestre Nicolau, 19
+34 932 099 511

Veritas Marià Cubí

c. Marià Cubí, 7-9
+34 932 182 383

Veritas Marià Aguiló

c. Marià Aguiló, 104-106
+34 932 214 050

Veritas Mandri

c. Mandri, 15
+34 932 114 638

Veritas Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 539
+34 933 238 629

Veritas Gran Via Carles III

Gran Via Carles III, 55
+34 934 905 125

Veritas Gran de Sant Andreu

c. Gran de Sant Andreu, 122
+34 933 114 013

Veritas Sant Joan

pg de Sant Joan, 144
+34 934 588 907

Veritas Dr. Dou

c. Dr. Dou, 17
+34 933 020 000

Veritas Glòries

Centre Comecial Glories, av. Diagonal, 208
+34 934 860 624

Veritas Balmes

c. Balmes, 309
+34 932 001 333

Veritas Còrcega

c. Còrcega, 302
+34 932 174 329
Adam Martn
Adam Martín
Barcelona Healthy Editor