Yoga Bindu

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    pl. Sant Josep Oriol, 4

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Yoga Bindu

Centre where one can practice Hatha yoga in all of its postures. Yoga Bindu also offers special workshops to understand oriental meditation and teacher training courses for yoga and Thai massage.

Yoga Bindu is a space completely devoted to yoga and everything related to it: not only can we practice different styles of yoga but also learn about its origins, discover the theories behind it, go on spiritual journeys to meditate in the outskirts, attend  conferences and cinema cycles… Through all of these activities, you can immerse yourself in the universe of this hindu discipline.

The centre offers more than ten varieties of yoga to practice: Hatha, Ashtana, Vinyasa, Rocket, Kundalini, Yin, Acro-Yoga… Each of these styles adapts to the needs of every person, depending on the intensity of the moves, although they are all useful to work out our muscles and improve our flexibility.

In addition to the classes and courses, Yoga Bindu organises several activities to enjoy the practice of yoga in a warmer, more relaxed environment. Full Moon Yoga sessions are, indeed, one of the most popular: Yoga Bindu Students gather together once a month to practice yoga under the moonlight, while a dj creates the perfect soundtrack for Vinyasa moves.