• Centre in the heart of Barcelona that offers different styles of yoga, chi kung and meditation techniques. Sis Espai de Salut (Health Space) also provides body treatments like massages, foot reflexology and Bach Flowers remedies.


    c. Pau Claris, 163

    +34 932 151 205

  • Exceptional teas, organic food, herbs, organic cosmetics, therapies, diets and almost everything related to healthy living. An all-rounder in Santa Maria de Palautordera.

    El Cargol del Montseny

    av. Vitamènia, 16

    +34 938 479 673

  • The only center in Barcelona with certified Tac Fit and Caufriez’s Hypopressive Method instructors, it also offers Pilates, Kombatan, CST and provides all kind of support for elite training.

    Ludus Barcelona

    c. Còrsega, 371

    +34 934 591 567

  • Yoga school in the northern disctrict of Sarrià with 30 years of experience and member of the International Yoga teachers Association (IYTA). They also organise yoga classes for children.


    Pg. de Sant Gervasi, 16-20

    +34 934 185 208

  • Yoga classes in English and Spanish in the neighbourhood of Gràcia, to learn and practice Astanga, Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. They also offer home private lessons.


    c. Església, 4-10

    +34 622 172 284

  • Centre where one can practice Hatha yoga in all of its postures. Yoga Bindu also offers special workshops to understand oriental meditation and teacher training courses for yoga and Thai massage.

    Yoga Bindu

    pl. Sant Josep Oriol, 4

    +34 933 042 062

  • A natural therapy and activity center, Dharmakaya offers several oriental techniques for meditation such as yoga, pilates, chi kung, aikido and tai chi, as well as body treatments and natural medicine remedies.


    c. Calaf, 38

    +34 932 418 742

  • Yoga centre in the North-eastern district of Gràcia in Barcelona. It offers several courses of yoga, acroyoga and yin yoga for beginners, as well as teacher training courses.

    Yoga & Yoga

    c. Verdi, 169

    +34 686 310 207

  • Centre specialized in Hatha yoga and pilates, both on a mat or using a reformer machine. Beyoga also offers Reiki sessions and physiotherapeutic massages.


    c. Buenos Aires, 52

    +34 934 197 781

  • Yoga centre specialised in several types of yoga and meditation. They also offer teacher training and special courses for pregnant women.

    Yoga Studio

    pl. Universitat, 4

    +34 934 512 928

  • Espai del Cos (Body Space) is a small therapy center next to Sagrada Família that offers natural treatments such as massages and foot therapy, as well as physical activities like yoga, pilates, tai-chi and chi kung (qi gong).

    Espai del Cos

    c. Castillejos, 299

    +34 933 473 175

  • Camí de llum (Path of light) is a centre where one can practice different styles of yoga, as well as enjoy other natural therapies such as lymphatic drainage, foot reflexology and Bach Flower remedies.

    Camí de Llum

    c. d’Alpens, 20

    +34 934 228 915

  • Eix del Ioga (Yoga Axis) is a small yoga centre in Horta, the North-eastern district of Barcelona. In addition to Hatha yoga for adults, the centre also organizes yoga for children and meditation sessions, as well as offering natural body treatments and massages.

    Eix del Ioga

    av. Mare de Déu de Montserrat, 253

    +34 934 369 338

  • Darshan is a therapy centre and yoga school in the district of Gràcia where you can practice several types of yoga, pilates and hypopressive abs. They also offer other services like acupuncture and osteopathy.


    Rambla del Prat, 7

    +34 620 638 662

  • Yoga centre next to Sants Train Station that provides several oriental techniques such as yoga, tai chi and shiatsu, as well as natural treatments like massages and reflexology sessions. Siddharta centre also organizes courses, workshops and teacher training.


    c. Numància, 70

    +34 934 196 959

  • Bikram yoga centre is located in the Eixample district. At Bikram Yoga Barcelona you will be able to practise this style of yoga, performed in rooms heated to 40 ºC (104 ºF) with a humidity of 40%, seven days a week.

    Bikram Yoga

    c. Pau Claris, 97

    +34 933 025 130

  • Therapy centre at the heart of Barcelona with many courses of pilates and yoga in its many varieties. Hija de Buddha (Buddha’s Daughter) also offers workshops to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

    Hija de Buddha

    c. Méndez Núñez, 18

    +34 687 303 598

  • This centre offers several courses and sessions of Iyengar yoga, a type of dynamic yoga developed by master B.K.S. Iyengar at his Yoga Institute in Pune, India.

    Ioga Bcn

    c. Rosselló, 134

    +34 616 668 696

  • A yoga centre in the district of Gràcia to practice Hatha Vinyasa yoga, including special yoga classes for pregnant women. Mandiram also offers teacher training courses and meditation seminaries and workshops.

    Mandiram Dynamic Yoga

    c. Torrent de l’Olla, 172

    +34 932 376 180

  • Center devoted to the practice and understanding of oriental meditation and healing techniques such as Hatha yoga, Reiki, Chi Kung (Qi Gong), as well as providing other services like Bach Flower remedies, Foot Reflexology and Ayurvedic medicine.


    c. Calàbria, 202

    +34 934 106 605