• The biggest chain of organic supermarkets in Spain. You will find absolutely everything that you need: fresh vegetables and fruit, bread, cosmetics, milk, macrobiotic products, meat, fish, diapers… you name it. Organic, of course.


    c. Josep Balari, 15

    902 66 77 89

  • Passion plus a high level of knowledge, thoroughness and experience are the keys to one of the best bakeries in the city, with organic ingredients and sourdough bread.


    c. Pujades, 173

    +34 931 056 047

  • One of the most celebrated bakeries in town, a success from the word go. Organic and other high quality flours, sourdough and long fermentation, tasty , beautiful and nutritious breads.

    Turris Aribau

    c. Aribau, 158

    +34 932 179 606

  • Barcelonareykjavik

    Perfection in every way in the fine art of doing healthy, hand crafted tasty bread. Absolutely everything is made with organic ingredients in this great bakery.


    c. Doctor Dou, 12

    +34 933 020 921

  • Fortino is a classic in the whole sense of the word. No fancy stuff, just proper bread: spelt, kamut and other organic flours baked in a firewood oven.

    Forn Fortino

    trav. de Gràcia, 145

    +34 932 373 873

  • The reference place in organic shopping since the year 2000, it has it all: meat, poultry, fresh vegetables, bread, books, supplements, cosmetics, healthy kitchenware and even cooking lessons.


    c. València, 186

    +34 934 531 573

  • Obbio is a supermarket where you can actually feel the respect and love for organic food and its client. The have it all, even homemade food to take, books and a charming café.


    c. Muntaner, 177

    +34 931 593 969

  • In his on display workshop, master baker Pere Roche and his team bake healthy and delicious bread using sourdough and local and organic flour, cooked in a hot stone oven.

    L’Obrador de Sarrià

    c. Manuel de Falla, 32

    +34 93 203 29 38

  • Xavier Ramón’s bread store in Barcelona is an amazing place, filled with delicious, healthy bread made with sordough and, in some cases, organic ingredients. A delight, inside de Moritz Factory.

    Triticum Moritz

    rda. Sant Antoni, 39-41

    +34 934 260 050

  • Mistral was the first bakery in the city to get the organic certificate and it is a classic: firewood oven, sourdough, long fermentation breads and the baking art of Jaume and Andreu Bertran ensure a high quality and healthy product.

    Forn Mistral

    Ronda de Sant Antoni, 96

    +34 933 018 037

  • Anna Bellsolà’s bakery is a heaven for bread lovers. People actually cross the city to get hold of one of her delicious and healthy breads, made with high quality ingredients baked on a firewood oven.


    c. Baluard, 38-40

    +34 932 211 208

  • Woki Organic Market is an all-in-one organic center: a restaurant, a coffee shop, a bakery and a supermarket with all kinds of organic ingredients, from cosmetics to food.

    Woki Organic Market Plaça Catalunya

    rda. de la Universitat, 20

    +34 933 025 206