• The biggest chain of organic supermarkets in Spain. You will find absolutely everything that you need: fresh vegetables and fruit, bread, cosmetics, milk, macrobiotic products, meat, fish, diapers… you name it. Organic, of course.


    c. Josep Balari, 15

    902 66 77 89

  • Marca online de productes naturals i amb certificació ecològica. Cura natural amb productes d’alimentació, cosmètica i complements alimentaris ecològics. Serveixen a tot el territori.

    The Ecological Products

    ctra. del mig, 54

    34 93 261 25 63

  • Bulk medicinal herbs, organic food, gluten-free food, natural supplements and organic cosmetics, perfumes and cosmetic treatments. Reiki and podal reflexology, osteopathy, manual lymphatic drainage, and personalised diets.

    Herbolari Reikilibri

    c. Madrazo, 130

    +34 932 003 164, +34 695 318 825

  • Exceptional teas, organic food, herbs, organic cosmetics, therapies, diets and almost everything related to healthy living. An all-rounder in Santa Maria de Palautordera.

    El Cargol del Montseny

    av. Vitamènia, 16

    +34 938 479 673

  • Herbalist with all kinds of natural and organic cosmetics, herbs, treatments and also organic food. Online shopping too.

    Herbodietètica Coliseum

    c. Gran de Gràcia, 204

    +34 933 687 596

  • Great shop in Gràcia with all kinds of organic products, from vegetables to nuts, seeds or teas. You can also buy in bulk. Run by very compromised people.


    c. Providència, 20

    +34 931 418 052

  • Beautiful and well organized organic bulk food shop with high quality honey, herbs, wholegrains, nuts, risottos and olive oils, amongst other things.


    pl. de la Vila de Gràcia, 11

    +34 932 807 175

  • Superb organic restaurant, coffee shop and supermarket, where you’ll be able to buy some products in bulk and you’ll find sustainable fish and an organic butcher’s.

    Feeld Organic

    av. Diagonal, 449

    +34 935 328 503

  • The reference place in organic shopping since the year 2000, it has it all: meat, poultry, fresh vegetables, bread, books, supplements, cosmetics, healthy kitchenware and even cooking lessons.


    c. València, 186

    +34 934 531 573

  • Obbio is a supermarket where you can actually feel the respect and love for organic food and its client. The have it all, even homemade food to take, books and a charming café.


    c. Muntaner, 177

    +34 931 593 969

  • Multi-space with healthy food, cosmetics, clothing, toys and many activities for children.

    Baby Deli

    Av. Pau Casals, 6

    +34 931 668 088

  • Organic and slow-food products close to the Mercat de la Llibertat, in Gràcia. They have all kinds of products and they all are 100% organic.

    La bioteca

    c. Benet Mercadé, 16

    +34 931 123 305

  • Their motto is “Healthy Cooking for Busy People.” They don’t just sell food, they sell healthy recipes and all the organic ingredients that you need to prepare them.

    Chef S

    c. Aragó, 310

    +34 935 313 696

  • Diet products, natural remedies, herbs, supplements and also natural and organic food .

    Dietética Nuria Vilarrubia

    c. Rosselló, 309

    +34 934 580 521

  • Sans & Sans are specialists in herbal teas and infusions. They have over 300 varieties of teas and some of them are from organic origin.

    Sans & Sans

    c. Argenteria, 59

    +34 933 196 081

  • Woki Organic Market is an all-in-one organic center: a restaurant, a coffee shop, a bakery and a supermarket with all kinds of organic ingredients, from cosmetics to food.

    Woki Organic Market Plaça Catalunya

    rda. de la Universitat, 20

    +34 933 025 206

  • All kinds of organic and fair-trade products: food, cosmetics, paper, outdoor, gifts, etc. A shop that encourages responsible consumption, also online.

    Olokuti Gràcia

    c. Astúries, 36-38 bxs.

    +34 932 170 070

  • Run by compromised people, Mapu is a teeny tiny supermarket in Ciutat Vella full of organic and fair-trade food. It also has some stuff for children, should you be interested in organic diapers, child carriers and so on.

    Mapu – Botiga Ecològica

    c. Magdalenes, 7

    +34 933 175 525

  • Slow-food and organic products, specially fresh vegetables and fruits. Also macrobiotic and other natural and health-oriented products. Bulk bin selling for cheaper and sustainable shopping. Also presentations and workshops and home delivery.

    I Love Food

    c. Muntaner, 476

    +34 932 000 832

  • A great place to eat breakfast, lunch or have tea with the kids without having to worry about them. Organic ingredients, home made cakes and a tiny shop with organic produce and toys.

    Papas & the Mamas

    rbla. Poblenou, 125-129

    +34 934 856 793