• The perfect place for vegetarian experts and uninitiated and for those who want to take a break from their diet and eat healthy in a nice atmosphere with delicious dishes.

    Teresa Carles

    c. Jovellanos, 2

    +34 933 171 829

  • Delicious flexitarian healthy food, which includes veggie raw options and some oily fish dishes. Great cold-pressed juices.

    Flax & Kale

    c. Tallers, 54

    +34 933 175 664

  • A creative, delicious vegetarian bistrot and bar in the center of the old part of the city. Honest and tasty organic Slow food cooked by great chefs.


    c. Palau, 5

    +34 933 186 926

  • One of the most celebrated bakeries in town, a success from the word go. Organic and other high quality flours, sourdough and long fermentation, tasty , beautiful and nutritious breads.

    Turris Aribau

    c. Aribau, 158

    +34 932 179 606

  • Their motto is “Healthy Cooking for Busy People.” They don’t just sell food, they sell healthy recipes and all the organic ingredients that you need to prepare them.

    Chef S

    c. Aragó, 310

    +34 935 313 696

  • The Macrobiotic School of Catalonia (ESMACA) opens its doors for lunch on weekdays and offers healthy dishes that follow the macrobiotic principles.

    Escola Macrobiòtica de Catalunya (ESMACA)

    rbla. de Catalunya, 8

    +34 934 120 701

  • Traditional ice creams with some gluten free flavours.

    Gocce di latte

    Pla de Palau, 4

    +34 931 191 369

  • Mare milk and natural cosmetics made from mare milk. They also have mare milk powder.

    Euga Mare

    c. Galileu, 132

  • Traditional ice creams. They have special gluten free flavours , for vegans, and also for people with lactose intolerance.

    Shanti Gelato

    c. dels Canvis Vells, 2

    +34 935 189 736

  • Diet products, natural remedies, herbs, supplements and also natural and organic food .

    Dietética Nuria Vilarrubia

    c. Rosselló, 309

    +34 934 580 521

  • Healthy and creative cooking for food lovers, with veggie and non vegetarian dishes. They have menus and excellent home-made cakes.


    c. Perill, 13

    +34 931 866 360

  • Coffee roasters for three generations, they import and distribute coffee. They have different varieties and also have certified organic coffee from biodynamic farming.

    Cafés el Magnífico

    c. Argenteria, 64

    +34 933 193 975

  • Sans & Sans are specialists in herbal teas and infusions. They have over 300 varieties of teas and some of them are from organic origin.

    Sans & Sans

    c. Argenteria, 59

    +34 933 196 081

  • Woki Organic Market is an all-in-one organic center: a restaurant, a coffee shop, a bakery and a supermarket with all kinds of organic ingredients, from cosmetics to food.

    Woki Organic Market Plaça Catalunya

    rda. de la Universitat, 20

    +34 933 025 206

  • This dining space offers traditional Catalan cuisine in the Passeig del Born. It opens 365 days a year and it opts for organic food from Km 0.

    La Llavor dels Orígens

    pg. del Born, 4

    +34 932 956 690

  • All kinds of organic and fair-trade products: food, cosmetics, paper, outdoor, gifts, etc. A shop that encourages responsible consumption, also online.

    Olokuti Arenas

    pl. Espanya, Planta 1, Local P6b

    +34 934 103 630

  • All kinds of organic and fair-trade products: food, cosmetics, paper, outdoor, gifts, etc. A shop that encourages responsible consumption, also online.

    Olokuti Gràcia

    c. Astúries, 36-38 bxs.

    +34 932 170 070

  • A story of success, with fresh made juices, vegetarian sandwiches, organic coffee and all kinds of healthy dishes from breakfast to dinner with fresh slow-food ingredients. Also an art gallery.

    Cafè Cometa

    c. Parlament, 20

    +34 930 073 203

  • Slow, organic and healthy food with a special touch at reasonable prices, Hàbaluc welcomes vegetarians and also meat eaters in the same menu. Good atmosphere and a nice terrace for sunny days.


    c. Enric Granados, 41

    +34 934 522 928

  • Run by compromised people, Mapu is a teeny tiny supermarket in Ciutat Vella full of organic and fair-trade food. It also has some stuff for children, should you be interested in organic diapers, child carriers and so on.

    Mapu – Botiga Ecològica

    c. Magdalenes, 7

    +34 933 175 525

  • Slow-food and organic products, specially fresh vegetables and fruits. Also macrobiotic and other natural and health-oriented products. Bulk bin selling for cheaper and sustainable shopping. Also presentations and workshops and home delivery.

    I Love Food

    c. Muntaner, 476

    +34 932 000 832

  • Herbalist’s shop, biological food and natural cosmetics in Eixample. They have more than 25 years of experience.


    c. Provença, 362

    +34 934 580 769

  • A great selection of artisan and organic beers. Young Eric Carranco is in charge, who also organises beer tastings.

    Birra Birrae

    c. Andrade, 2-10, Local 9

    +34 931 729 130

  • Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian and raw food in the center of Barcelona, at the barri of el Born.

    El Café

    c. Princesa, 57

    +34 931 824 371

  • A classic vegetarian bar and restaurant in the heart of Poblenou, with affordable organic set menus at lunchtime and creative healthy dishes a la carte from around the world in the evening.


    c. Ramon Turró, 181

    +34 933 009 082

  • A great place to eat breakfast, lunch or have tea with the kids without having to worry about them. Organic ingredients, home made cakes and a tiny shop with organic produce and toys.

    Papas & the Mamas

    rbla. Poblenou, 125-129

    +34 934 856 793

  • Seafood, paellas with organic ingredients and seasonal dishes, all impecably cooked and presented and with a great view of the Mediterranean.


    pg. Marítim de la Barceloneta, 1

    +34 932 241 253

  • Fast and healthy breakfast and lunch with organic ingredients. Juice, vegetarian dishes, sandwiches and quiches in the Eixample district.

    Green Shots

    c. París, 201

    +34 932 008 825