• Koré - terapias manuales

    Centre that specialises in natural therapies, dietetics, osteopathy and body treatments. Koré is also a training school for therapists, founded in 1987.


    Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 516

    +34 934 254 440

  • Natural therapies based on Chinese traditional medicine and other oriental disciplines and techniques. They also offer other services, like craniosacral therapy and lymphatic drainage.

    Centre Holístic

    c. Castillejos, 343

    +34 931 064 362

  • In the Instituto Superior de Medicinas Tradicionales (ISMET) you will find courses of acupuncture, manual therapies, homeopathy and naturopathy, amongst other.


    c. Floridablanca, 18-20

    +34 934 265 050

  • Centre of natural therapies in the district of Gràcia. In addition to manual therapies such as massages and reflexology, it also offers acupuncture, naturopathy and nutritional services.

    Espai Salut

    c. Bonavista, 4

    +34 639 570 060

  • Natural therapy centre in the district of Les Corts. In addition to massages and other hand techniques, they also offer energetic therapies to work in your emotions.

    Mandala Lounge

    c. Caballero, 51

    +34 931 928 592

  • Wellness centre next to Espanya Square that offers many types of massages, acupuncture, naturopathy and many approaches to traditional Chinese medicine. It also organizes courses and workshops.

    Centre de Salut Natural

    Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 216

    +34 931 801 464

  • Centre specialised in dietetics and nutrition that offers other services such as shiatsu, physiotherapy and posture re-education. It has its own shop where you can buy natural products and food.


    c. València, 317

    +34 934 590 535

  • Centre of natural therapies and treatments next to Sants Train Station. Essencia offers therapeutic methods such as acupuncture and many beauty treatments using natural products.


    c. València, 3

    +34 932 262 770

  • Centre specialised in dietetics, nutrition and natural therapies next to Sagrada Família. Centre Marina provides services such as acupuncture, foot reflexology, osteopathic diagnoses and global posture re-education (GPR).

    Centre Marina

    c. Marina, 291

    +34 934 562 032

  • Physiotherapy centre in the district of Gràcia that offers a wide range of services such as therapeutic massages, global postural reeducation (GPR), acupuncture as well as nutritional consultation.


    c. Ferrer de Blanes, 14

    +34 933 681 568

  • Espai del Cos (Body Space) is a small therapy center next to Sagrada Família that offers natural treatments such as massages and foot therapy, as well as physical activities like yoga, pilates, tai-chi and chi kung (qi gong).

    Espai del Cos

    c. Castillejos, 299

    +34 933 473 175

  • Camí de llum (Path of light) is a centre where one can practice different styles of yoga, as well as enjoy other natural therapies such as lymphatic drainage, foot reflexology and Bach Flower remedies.

    Camí de Llum

    c. d’Alpens, 20

    +34 934 228 915

  • Darshan is a therapy centre and yoga school in the district of Gràcia where you can practice several types of yoga, pilates and hypopressive abs. They also offer other services like acupuncture and osteopathy.


    Rambla del Prat, 7

    +34 620 638 662

  • Center devoted to the practice and understanding of oriental meditation and healing techniques such as Hatha yoga, Reiki, Chi Kung (Qi Gong), as well as providing other services like Bach Flower remedies, Foot Reflexology and Ayurvedic medicine.


    c. Calàbria, 202

    +34 934 106 605