• Faucet and shower filters to quickly improve the quality of your tap and shower water at home to reduce health issues, improve quality and taste and avoid wasting plastic bottles.

    Tapp Water

    5 € special discount. CODE: bcnhealthy5

    c. del Taulat, 113


  • The biggest chain of organic supermarkets in Spain. You will find absolutely everything that you need: fresh vegetables and fruit, bread, cosmetics, milk, macrobiotic products, meat, fish, diapers… you name it. Organic, of course.


    c. Josep Balari, 15

    902 66 77 89

  • La Serra Mandri és una de les farmàcies de referència de la ciutat i té una de les ofertes de criteri naturista més completes d’Espanya. Si no ho trobes aquí, és bastant probable que no ho trobis enlloc.

    Farmàcia Serra Mandri

    10% discount

    c. Diagonal, 478

    +34 934 16 12 70

  • Natural cosmetics that really work, gentle to your skin and health and to the environment. Natural beauty treatments for women and men.


    Rambla de Catalunya, 24,

    +34 934 817 132

  • Marca online de productes naturals i amb certificació ecològica. Cura natural amb productes d’alimentació, cosmètica i complements alimentaris ecològics. Serveixen a tot el territori.

    The Ecological Products

    ctra. del mig, 54

    34 93 261 25 63

  • Bulk medicinal herbs, organic food, gluten-free food, natural supplements and organic cosmetics, perfumes and cosmetic treatments. Reiki and podal reflexology, osteopathy, manual lymphatic drainage, and personalised diets.

    Herbolari Reikilibri

    c. Madrazo, 130

    +34 932 003 164, +34 695 318 825

  • Establishment dedicated to well-being and health since 1985. Their mission is to help all their costumers to increase their body functions. Dietetica La plaça offers a wide range of natural products and food supplements.

    Dietetica La plaça

    p, Major, 13

    +34 938 301 101

  • Exceptional teas, organic food, herbs, organic cosmetics, therapies, diets and almost everything related to healthy living. An all-rounder in Santa Maria de Palautordera.

    El Cargol del Montseny

    av. Vitamènia, 16

    +34 938 479 673

  • Tiny travel guide shop that also sells shoes, maps, mountain accessories, fiction books and basic traveling items, run by Toni Herrero.

    Llibreria Guia

    trav. de Gràcia, 146

    +34 932 373 942

  • Home furniture made with sustainable and re-used teak wood from Indonesia.


    c. Balmes, 63

    +34 934 530 150

  • A cosmetic and organic hairdresser’s committed to natural products and products with less petrochemical components. Also a store where you will find organic cosmetics.

    Crearte Perruquers

    c. Girona, 132

    +34 934 573 267

  • Dietetic products in Sants Market, with all kinds of supplements, herbs and other natural remedies.

    El rebost del mercat

    c. Sant Jordi, 6

  • Sants Market shop with vegan and organic food, medicinal herbs and natural cosmetics. You will be attended by Mari, the fifth generation of a family of herbalists.

    Herbolari Montserrat

    c. Sant Jordi, 6

    +34 934 913 891

  • Artisanal chocolate products in Gràcia. They are local artisans who work with the best cocoa beans in the world. Organic chocolate and also products for diabetics.


    c. Puigmartí, 10

    +34 932 847 035

  • Natural supplementation, sports nutrition, organic essential oils and teas, dieting advice and natural cosmetics in the heart of Gràcia. Online shop, too.

    In Vittae Barcelona

    c. Mariana Pineda, 3

    +34 932 174 805

  • Historic chemist in the center of the city with all kinds of natural treatments: homeopathy, anthroposophy, phytotherapy, etc. Also, online shop.

    Farmacia Germana

    rda. Sant Pere, 15

    +34 933 173 938

  • Herbalist inside the market of L’Estrella. Nutritional supplements, organic food and natural remedies.

    L’Estel Dietètica

    c. Pi i Margall, 73 , Mercat de la Estrella, Parades 29-41

  • Herbalist with all kinds of natural and organic cosmetics, herbs, treatments and also organic food. Online shopping too.

    Herbodietètica Coliseum

    c. Gran de Gràcia, 204

    +34 933 687 596

  • Great shop in Gràcia with all kinds of organic products, from vegetables to nuts, seeds or teas. You can also buy in bulk. Run by very compromised people.


    c. Providència, 20

    +34 931 418 052

  • Certified organic cosmetics, natural beauty treatments, biohairdresser and even organic perfumes. Also an online shop.

    Tresors de Tanit

    c. Asturias, 65 - pl. del Diamant

    +34 931 875 239

  • Natural care of your hair, using henna, essential oils or turmeric and non harsh chemicals. Aveda has chosen it as its exclusive hairdressing room in Barcelona.

    Hammam & Henna

    c. Muntaner, 147

    +34 934 520 692 / +34 697 972 972

  • All the materials you need to have your own urban garden, from organic seeds to natural treatments. They also guide you along the whole process.


    Via Laietana, 57

    +34 933 173 992

  • Beautiful and well organized organic bulk food shop with high quality honey, herbs, wholegrains, nuts, risottos and olive oils, amongst other things.


    pl. de la Vila de Gràcia, 11

    +34 932 807 175

  • Superb organic restaurant, coffee shop and supermarket, where you’ll be able to buy some products in bulk and you’ll find sustainable fish and an organic butcher’s.

    Feeld Organic

    av. Diagonal, 449

    +34 935 328 503

  • Biciestació is a private parking for bikes and a shop and repair shop for cyclists. The cool thing is that you’ll find it in the hall of the Sarrià station of the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya.


    Estació de Ferrocarrils de Sarrià

    +34 932 804 849

  • Placed inside the Mercat of Horta, Dietètica Glòria has been in the business since 1993. Its has specialized in herbs, teas and honey. Also natural cosmetics and organic food.

    Dietètica Glòria

    c. Carrer Tajo, 75, Mercat d'Horta, parades 68 i 69

    +34 934 290 99

  • Traditional herbalist in the heart of Poblenou neighborhood, with traditional remedies, dieting options, organic and healthy food.

    Centre Dietètic Poble Nou

    c. Castanys, 6

    +34 93 225 38 83

  • Sustainable architects, builders and materials to isolate and build environmentally respectful houses.


    c. del Bruc, 50, 3er

    +34 933 189 028

  • The reference place in organic shopping since the year 2000, it has it all: meat, poultry, fresh vegetables, bread, books, supplements, cosmetics, healthy kitchenware and even cooking lessons.


    c. València, 186

    +34 934 531 573

  • A selection of beds, sheets and all kinds of sleeping products made with organic materials to ensure a natural, healthy and sustainable environment to sleep in.

    La Maison – Sleep Green

    c. Balmes, 266

    +34 93 217 26 66

  • Multi-space with healthy food, cosmetics, clothing, toys and many activities for children.

    Baby Deli

    Av. Pau Casals, 6

    +34 931 668 088

  • Organic socks made from the bamboo plant. These socks have been made in Spain and they are antibacterial, biodegradable and breathable.

    Punto Blanco

    c. Mallorca, 255

    +34 934 871 443

  • Centenary fishing store in Born since 1850.

    Casa Calicó

    pl. de les olles, 9

    +34 933 191 818

  • Simple and practical designs made from natural fibers, such as cotton and linen, in the Gràcia neighborhood.


    c. Torrijos, 33

    +34 932 846 547

  • Clothing made with natural fabrics and artistics prints, in Born.

    Pou Nou

    c. Flassaders, 32

    +34 932 955 765

  • Diet products, natural remedies, herbs, supplements and also natural and organic food .

    Dietética Nuria Vilarrubia

    c. Rosselló, 309

    +34 934 580 521

  • Sans & Sans are specialists in herbal teas and infusions. They have over 300 varieties of teas and some of them are from organic origin.

    Sans & Sans

    c. Argenteria, 59

    +34 933 196 081

  • Vaho gives a second life to the advertising banners or innertubes which have been already used or rejected and they transform them in colorful “trashion” bags and accessories.


    c. Ferran, 43

    +34 933 043 503

  • Woki Organic Market is an all-in-one organic center: a restaurant, a coffee shop, a bakery and a supermarket with all kinds of organic ingredients, from cosmetics to food.

    Woki Organic Market Plaça Catalunya

    rda. de la Universitat, 20

    +34 933 025 206

  • A shop and a workshop close to Les Rambles where you will find the traditional canvas sandals or espadrilles, ecological footwear made from natural materials such as hemp and esparto.

    La Manual Alpargatera

    c. Avinyó, 7

    +34 933 010 172