• Faucet and shower filters to quickly improve the quality of your tap and shower water at home to reduce health issues, improve quality and taste and avoid wasting plastic bottles.

    Tapp Water

    5 € special discount. CODE: bcnhealthy5

    c. del Taulat, 113


  • Home furniture made with sustainable and re-used teak wood from Indonesia.


    c. Balmes, 63

    +34 934 530 150

  • A cosmetic and organic hairdresser’s committed to natural products and products with less petrochemical components. Also a store where you will find organic cosmetics.

    Crearte Perruquers

    c. Girona, 132

    +34 934 573 267

  • Artisanal chocolate products in Gràcia. They are local artisans who work with the best cocoa beans in the world. Organic chocolate and also products for diabetics.


    c. Puigmartí, 10

    +34 932 847 035

  • Certified organic cosmetics, natural beauty treatments, biohairdresser and even organic perfumes. Also an online shop.

    Tresors de Tanit

    c. Asturias, 65 - pl. del Diamant

    +34 931 875 239

  • Natural care of your hair, using henna, essential oils or turmeric and non harsh chemicals. Aveda has chosen it as its exclusive hairdressing room in Barcelona.

    Hammam & Henna

    c. Muntaner, 147

    +34 934 520 692 / +34 697 972 972

  • All the materials you need to have your own urban garden, from organic seeds to natural treatments. They also guide you along the whole process.


    Via Laietana, 57

    +34 933 173 992