• Sustainable tourism, routes and unconventional traveling that respects the environment and the different cultures that receive the traveler.

    Viajes Tarannà

    c. Vallespir, 174

    +34 902 955 193

  • Bicycle workshop, maintenance courses and mountain bike rental in Sants.

    Coop de Bici

    c. Melcior Palau, 64

    +34 936 243 646

  • Sports and fashion trainers, clothing and complements for several sports.

    Ashi Sports

    c. Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 88-90

    +34 934 760 206

  • Natural sleep products, bed linen, towels and furniture for homes and hotels, made from natural materials from renewable sources, such as coco fibre, natural rubber, wool, cotton, sea grass, horsehair, silk, linen, wood and goose down.


    c. Balmes, 229

    +34 932 380 711

  • All kinds of organic and fair-trade products: food, cosmetics, paper, outdoor, gifts, etc. A shop that encourages responsible consumption, also online.

    Olokuti Arenas

    pl. Espanya, Planta 1, Local P6b

    +34 934 103 630

  • All kinds of organic and fair-trade products: food, cosmetics, paper, outdoor, gifts, etc. A shop that encourages responsible consumption, also online.

    Olokuti Gràcia

    c. Astúries, 36-38 bxs.

    +34 932 170 070

  • Sustanaible stands made from cardboard and other recycled, recycable and reusable materials and green marketing.

    N2A Publicitat

    C. Pau Claris, 162, 4º 1ª

    +34 934 671 414

  • Bioclimateam builds and remodels houses and workspaces following bioclimatic criteria. They build efficient, beautiful, healthy and environmentally respectful spaces.


    c. Provença, 214, 7º 2ª

    +34 669 058 572

  • Espacio Solar specializes in bringing natural sunlight into buildings and houses with maximum energetic efficiency. They use bioclimatic tech to provide top comfort with the least energy consumption.

    Espacio Solar

    c. Vergós, 11

    +34 934 090 359

  • Run by compromised people, Mapu is a teeny tiny supermarket in Ciutat Vella full of organic and fair-trade food. It also has some stuff for children, should you be interested in organic diapers, child carriers and so on.

    Mapu – Botiga Ecològica

    c. Magdalenes, 7

    +34 933 175 525

  • Thai spa specialised in Thai massages and treatments. At Silom Spa, licensed Thai massagers use natural products made of oils, herbs and aromas from ancient oriental tradition.

    Silom Spa

    c. València, 304

    +34 932 726 662

  • Centre of natural therapies and treatments next to Sants Train Station. Essencia offers therapeutic methods such as acupuncture and many beauty treatments using natural products.


    c. València, 3

    +34 932 262 770

  • Herbalist’s shop, biological food and natural cosmetics in Eixample. They have more than 25 years of experience.


    c. Provença, 362

    +34 934 580 769

  • Herbalists, dietetics and natural cosmetics. They have natural and ecological food and they also have gluten free products.

    Salut i natura

    c. Indústria, 276

    +34 933 478 929

  • This is a sustainable company that was born in Segovia. In their shop in Barcelona you’ll find all kinds of organic fresh cosmetics, hand-crafted by them.

    Amapola Biocosmetics

    c. Bòria, 20

    +34 935 131 292

  • Herbalist where you will find organic products and also fruits and vegetables.


    c. Navas de Tolosa, 321

    +34 933 522 394

  • Clothing made from natural fabrics and 100% organic. Here you will find clothes that take into account social responsibility, fair trade and ethical production.


    c. Torrent de l'Olla, 95

    +34 931 862 010

  • Shoes designed to be manufactured with natural and healthy products for us and for the environment.


    c. Astúries, 50

    +34 933 688 359

  • Natural and organic cosmetics. They have products for body, face and hair.


    Travessera de Gràcia, 157

    +34 930 087 274

  • Kids clothing made ​​from 100% natural materials. Here you will find handmade dresses of cotton and sack fabric.

    Som naturals

    c. Santa Anna, 37

    +34 933 019 083

  • Daedo

    c. Balmes, 55

    +34 934 512 308

  • A store located in the middle of Eixample where you can get a full golf equipment.


    c. Enric Granados, 37

    +34 935 031 712

  • This is a distributor of bicycles and accessories featuring new trends in the world of cycling.


  • Natural fabrics clothing and accessories for yoga and meditation.


    c. Astúries, 22

    +34 935 131 195

  • Espaibici

    c. Bruc, 63

    +34 935 323 143

  • Travel Bookstore in operation since 1979. There you will find all kinds of guides for climbing, trekking and mountain biking.


    Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 616

    +34 933 427 171

  • Travel Bookstore with travel and mountains books. Here you will find guides, maps and routes for you to do on foot or by mountain bike, and also guides and manuals for climbing.

    Llibreria Guia

    Travessera de Gràcia, 146

    +34 932 373 942

  • A great selection of artisan and organic beers. Young Eric Carranco is in charge, who also organises beer tastings.

    Birra Birrae

    c. Andrade, 2-10, Local 9

    +34 931 729 130

  • Located in the old neighborhood of la Plata in Poblenou, in this store you will be able to buy and rent all types of bikes. They have a repair shop and they also sell second hand.

    Al punt de trobada

    c. Badajoz, 28 bis

    +34 932 216 367

  • Here you will find urban clothing and all kinds of shirts and caps NFL, NBA and all American baseball teams.

    Access Sportwear

    C.C. Arenas. Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 373-385, P-18

  • This is a climbing wall where you will find training courses for adults and children. They have a store with climbing equipment and a bookstore specialized in mountain issues.

    :Climbat La Foixarda

    Camí Foixarda, 14-18

    +34 932 925 480

  • Natural therapies and products, such as organic cosmetics, massages, orthomolecular nutrition or Bach flowers.

    Les 9 fonts

    c. Casanova, 63 bis

    +34 934 519 788