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Club Healthy

Become a member of the healthiest and most sustainable club in Barcelona!

It is totally free and gives you access to the healthiest discounts in the city and to other exclusive advantages.

Thanks to our club, responsible consuming is going to cost you much less.

Fill out the form, follow the instructions and you will receive a digital card in your smartphone, which will allow you to identify yourself in the associated establishments.

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Club Healthy

Associated Establishments

  • Faucet and shower filters to quickly improve the quality of your tap and shower water at home to reduce health issues, improve quality and taste and avoid wasting plastic bottles.

    Tapp Water

    5 € special discount. CODE: bcnhealthy5

    c. del Taulat, 113


  • La Serra Mandri és una de les farmàcies de referència de la ciutat i té una de les ofertes de criteri naturista més completes d’Espanya. Si no ho trobes aquí, és bastant probable que no ho trobis enlloc.

    Farmàcia Serra Mandri

    10% discount

    c. Diagonal, 478

    +34 934 16 12 70